Awards Categories

  1. Best Residential Project

    This award goes to the residential project that provides the best facilities and most attractive surroundings, allowing occupants to live in both style and comfort.

  2. Best Residential Clubhouse

    This award goes to the residential clubhouse that offers the most exciting social experiences through premium entertainment facilities, encouraging a sense of comfort, community, and ownership.

  3. Best Urban Apartment

    This award goes to the best self-contained housing unit that inspires a sense of homeliness while located close to the heartbeat of a metropolis.

  4. Best Branded Apartment

    This award goes to the best brand that creates livable and stylish apartments that understand the modern needs of an urban occupant.

  5. Best Asia-Pacific Condominium

    This award goes to the best condominium operating in the Asia Pacific region that provides quality housing with premium facilities.

  6. Best Service Apartment

    This award goes to the best service apartment that provides comfort and convenience to the frequent traveler.

  7. Best Culinary Studio

    This award goes to the best home design brands that have created stylish and comfortable living for their clients through functional and forward-looking design.

  8. Best Kitchen & Bath

    This award goes to the most sensibly and stylishly designed kitchen and bathroom products. These brands bring together function and form to produce usable yet aesthetically pleasing necessities for the sophisticated home owner.

  9. Best Furniture

    This award goes to the best furniture design that offers stylish and sensible furniture that is sensitive to occupants’ functional needs.

  10. Best Bedding

    This award goes to the best bedroom designed to coddle and calm, providing a safe and soothing space for recharge at the end of a day’s work.


  1. 最佳住宅項目


  2. 最佳住宅配套會所

    該獎項頒發給最能通過優質娛樂設施制造精彩社交體驗的住宅會所, 鼓勵舒適、社區和歸屬感的住宅體驗。

  3. 最佳城市公寓項目

    該獎項頒給最自成一體的公寓, 在大都市的中心擁有一個家。

  4. 最佳品牌公寓項目


  5. 亞太最佳產權公寓項目

    該獎項頒給亞太地區最佳產權公寓項目, 提供優質住房和配套設施。

  6. 最佳服務式公寓


  7. 最佳烹飪空間


  8. 最佳潔廚沐浴品牌

    該獎項頒給設計最巧妙、最時尚的廚房和浴室品牌, 將功能和外形成功結合, 創造實用又美觀的產品。

  9. 最佳家具設計


  10. 最佳寢具設計